July 27, 2016 4:54 am

Everybody at one point or another gets sore muscles. The severity of discomfort varies from short-term muscle soreness to longer term discomfort. The most effective way to prevent all muscle soreness is to stretch and roll out your muscles after the workout.

What is muscle soreness and why do you feel sore after an intense workout? The simple answer is “muscle fatigue”. During an intense workout, your muscles get fatigued and a little torn, but in a good way. Pushing your muscles outside of the comfort zone is the only way to get stronger and build muscle.

Rolling out all major muscles groups ensures blood circulation which provides the necessary nutrients for your body to nourish and heal itself. More blood flow means more nutrients and faster recovery. The easiest way to increase the blood flow to your muscles is to simply roll out your muscles.
Variety of sizes depending on the muscle group you want to target, when in doubt the most versatile is the 13″.
The main characteristics that make this the ideal roller are:

  • Ridgid high-density foam
  • High quality and will last without losing shape
  • Ideal groove pattern design for best all around performance

This roller makes a perfect gift for anyone that want never wants to experience lower back or any other muscular pain.